About Hattie

About Hattie

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Hattie  has built a reputation as one of the finest young, if not youngest, performers on the stages of the Strawberry Music Festival, California Worldfest, Kate Wolf Memorial Festival and the Millpond Music Festival – all to standing ovations. 

Hattie is 16 years old and a student at the Performing and Fine Arts Academy in Natomas, CA, where she is studying voice, dance and some theater. Hattie is also growing in popularity as an inspiring peer group educator in schools, as well as, her father’s outreach music programs. Each summer, she is a youth leader at RiverTunes Roots Music Camp, in Northern CA. Hattie will be presenting a workshop on “cups” as well as leading small groups in singing songs together at Vocàli Voice Camp in the Stanislaus National Forest near beautiful Pinecrest Lake in April.

Her debut recording, “Eleven” was produced by her father and features the Joe Craven Trio, recorded in Hattie’s eleventh year. The project pays tribute to Hattie’s impressively broad interest in a wide range of music with re-made classics with fresh interpretations in folk, jazz, pop, rock, Latin and Reggae that she enjoys to the present day… and all with a few originals thrown in. An actor since the age of six, Hattie has performed in a wide variety of youth and adult musical productions, both in lead and support roles, with several community theater companies in N. California.

 Hattie loves “Theater” and her theater buddies



   Hattie & Joe Craven