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About Hattie


Hattie Craven has built a fine reputation as a breathtaking performer going back to her early years. It began as a 4 year old fiddler on stage with Laura Love at the Kate Wolf Music Festival. Musical theater from age 6 to her teens, created confidence and a dynamic stage presence that serves her well today. In addition to the stage, Craven is also at home in recording studios as a seasoned and sought after session vocalist since age 11. As a singer-songwriter, she has 3 CD's to her credit. Her touring career began at a young age with her father,  Joe Craven. Together they have entertained audiences ranging from river boat cruises in Europe, to concert halls and music festivals across the U.S. Hattie is a multidimensional artist whose fan base transcends age and genre. 


Some of her projects include, but are not limited to; 

Hattie & The Moon Howlers, with Jessica Malone

Joe Craven & The Sometimers 

Hattie Craven & YLF 

Craven & Hodge 


Hattie continues to actively push the envelope in Soul/Folk/Americana music. Catch her on tour in a city near you. 


Hattie is proudly endorsed by:
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About Hattie & The Moon Howlers 


hattie & The Moon Howlers are a rootsy, folk laden amalgam of two gifted Northern California songwriters and performers. Comprised of Hattie Craven (Joe Craven and the Sometimers), Jessica Malone (Jessica Malone) and a steady rotation of guest musicians-- the moon howlers  bathes listeners in lush vocal soundscapes and thoughtful song craft.  A goosebump ushering blend of musical communication, honest lyrics and a communal stage presence guides The Moon Howler  performances directly to the heart. 

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