About Hattie

 Hattie has built a reputation as one of the finest young, if not youngest, performers on the stages of the Strawberry Music Festival, California World Festival, Kate Wolf Music Festival, Hangtown Music Festival, Redwood Ramble, Parkfield Bluegrass Music Festival, Wintergrass Music Festival, Live Oak Music Festival, Millpond Music Festival, Suwanne Roots Revival, Delfest Music Festival and others - all to standing ovations.



She attended a Performing & Fine Arts Academy in Sacramento, CA taking lots of dance classes. She plays ukulele & Baritone Ukulele as her main instruments and picks up the mandolin, tenor guitar, banjo, and fiddle occasionally as well. She is in the process of getting familiar with the classic 6 string guitar and looks forward to expanding her horizon. She enjoys many genres and likes to include as many as possible. 

Hattie is a multi-Instrumentalist, actor, dancer, & vocalist. She started with the fiddle at age 4 and hit the stage with Laura Love at the Kate Wolf Music Festival. She started musical theater age 6, at a local community theater alongside one of her older brothers who is now a professional actor. She found her love for singing through years of many musicals.  She recorded her first album at the budding age of 11. Not only did Joe Craven (her father)  produce the album "Eleven", but his band, The Joe Craven Trio, was featured too. Recorded at Foxtail Sound by Steve O'Neil in Dixon, CA. She has also recorded a Christmas single, "The Coloring Book" for Polo Jones at age 13. She has performed with her dad on stage at many shows, house concerts, and music festivals. She has now recorded her second full album "Bright"  at age 15. "Bright" is a stripped down album with just her dad, Joe Craven, and herself. The album contains jazz standards and pop hits that have been retooled and made her own.